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SmartHub Available NOW!

Oakdale Electric members must now use SmartHub to access their electric accounts. 

SmartHub allows members to pay electric bills online, manage electric accounts, communicate directly with the cooperative, and set up recurring and stored payment options.  It can be accessed online via a personal computer or as a free app on the member's smartphone or tablet.

*Please note that when first registering for SmartHub, it is not necessary to include the decimal point from your billing account number. 
For example, if your Oakdale Electric account is 12345.678, you would enter in SmartHub 12345678, without the decimal point.


1. For mobile access, download the free app today!

2. For PC access, and additional information on using Oakdale Electric Cooperative's SmartHub, visit the SmartHub How-To resources.

Questions?  Contact Oakdale Electric Cooperative at 1.800.241.2468 or email

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