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Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

AMR stands for Automated Meter Reading. This is an automated meter reading process for reading meters from a remote, centralized location. AMR works through a module, located within the electric meter, which transfers information from the meter through the power lines to a net server. The net server uses the information to create profiles for each member account, which will include daily meter readings, meter voltage, etc.

Below are some Question and Answers that will better explain the system to you.


1. Help cooperative members control electric costs by accumulating information on daily energy use. This will help members make appropriate changes in energy usage and conservation.

2. Improve the accuracy of meter readings. We rarely see problems in this area and when we do, it is usually due to slow meters. Unrecorded energy usage must be paid by all consumers rather than the individual using it.

3. Eliminate the need for the monthly meter reader to come onto your property. Periodically our line crews will still physically inspect all electric services, including meters.

4. Provide faster notification to our crews of the location and extent of an outage. This is expected to result in a shorter time without electricity for everyone affected by the outage. Please read the FAQ below for more information about AMR.

How will the AMR meters help with quicker restoral of outages?

The new AMR system will allow OEC to quickly see who is out of power by reading meters close to where the outage was called in before sending crews out to work on it. This will reduce the amount of time it takes to restore power by allowing crews to spend their time solving the problem instead of looking for it.


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