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Electric Heating and Cooling

Central Air Conditioning "Load Management"

The central air conditioner at your home may be shut off during peak periods of electrical demand via a radio signal emitted from Dairyland Power Cooperative in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  During those peak periods, your air conditioner may be cyclced, 15 minutes on - 15 minutes off, in an effort to lower your electrical demand. 

The load management equipment installed is not a time clock and control does not occur on a daily basis, only during peak demand periods.

  • There is no charge for the "Load Management" hardware.
  • An $8.00 credit will be applied during the months of June, July, and August.
  • The credit begins after the load management equipmnet is installed.  Oakdale Electric Cooperative guarantees installation within 90 days.


Available under established rules and regulations for service to central air conditioners of Cooperative members subject to the following:

(a)  The air conditioner must be a central system and not a window unit, wall unit, or mini-split system.

(b)  Usage pattern must be such that the load can by cycled, 15 minutes on - 15 minutes off, during peak demand periods.

(c)  Cooperative personnel will be given access to load management equipment for maintenance and inspection purposes.

(d)  A monthly credit will be paid during the billing months of June, July, and August, and when energy usage is 400kWhs or higher.

(e)  Necessary load management equipment will be installed and maintained by a representative of the Cooperative.

Oakdale Electric Cooperative reserves the right to determine in our sole discretion whether a member is eligible to participate in the program.


Geothermal Heat Pumps

Throughout the year, the earth stores heat from the sun. This heat is available to anyone who is equipped to use it. Even in the dead of winter there’s enough heat below the frost line in the ground to keep your home cozy and

A geothermal heat pump is the most efficient heating and cooling system you can buy - three to four times more efficient than a gas furnace. In the winter it uses a system of underground pipes carrying a special liquid to collect heat from the earth, then pumps it into your home. In the summer, the process is reversed.  With a geothermal heat pump utilizing off-peak rates, you can heat and cool an average home in our area for as little as $500-$1,000 a year. The system quickly pays for itself with this kind of savings. In fact, the geothermal heat pump is so efficient, the U.S. Department of Energy strongly recommends it.  Geothermal heat pumps are eligible for a rebate based on size. Call for details.

Electric Thermal Storage Heating 

Breaks the Cold with Bricks
Warm up to ETS savings with our generous cost-sharing offer.  Looking for a warm way to save some cold cash? Then consider the benefits of Electrical Thermal Storage, or ETS, home heating.  units, ETS units are exclusively electric. There is no need for ductwork or a back up heat source. ETS units heat electrically, storing heat in dense ceramic bricks. As the household thermostat calls for heat, air is circulated around the bricks and out into the room, providing clean, quiet and comfortable heat.  There’s even the option for ETS slab heat cable. Electric cables or  tubes are embedded below a concrete floor. They heat the concrete at night, during off-peak hours when the rates are low. All day long, the heat radiates in the room to keep your family cozy and warm.  We offer special low electric rates for ETS systems under this program. The electricity used for ETS heating is metered separately from other household use and is billed at our off-peak electric rate.  To qualify for this special rate, the ETS unit(s) must be wired so that the cooperative can switch off the charging elements during specified control times. The control is done via a radio receiver. All ETS systems will receive a daily charge time during off-peak
hours. With a correctly sized ETS home heating system, residents will be unaware of the control periods.

ETS Versatility
Electric Thermal Storage is an excellent, low cost way to add warmth to cold and drafty rooms or heat an addition to your house without disrupting your present heating system. Check out these ETS benefits:
• 100% efficient
• low operating costs
• easy to operate, with little maintenance
• provides a safe, clean and comfortable heat

Dual Fuel Heating Remains a Favorite Choice
For several years, the Oakdale Electric Cooperative has offered a Dual Fuel Heating program. It combines use of load-controlled electric heating, along with a back up heat source of the member’s choice. We recommend use of a thermostatically controlled, automatic back up heat source.  It is the member’s responsibility to supply the back up source of heating during control times. This back up cannot be electric.  Qualifying installations should have a minimum of 6,000 watts (6KW) of resistance type electric heating, permanently affixed to the structure. Portable electric space heaters will not qualify.  Those members participating in the Dual Fuel Heating program may also have air conditioning billed at the lower controlled summer rate, provided it is not less than 20,000 BTUs of cooling capacity. Air conditioning is not required for participation in the Dual Fuel Heating program. The controlled electric heating and air conditioning must be metered separately. This meter is assessed a reduced monthly facility charge.  Members must sign an agreement with the cooperative to participate in the program. It is the member’s  sponsibility to have an electrician install the necessary wiring, second meter socket and, if necessary, a contactor device, as required for participation in the program. The cooperative installs, owns and maintains the radio receiver and electric meter.  Our special, low electric rate for controlled winter heating and summer air conditioning requires installation of a Dual Fuel meter socket and Dual Fuel service panel, at an approximate cost of $1,000.

Baseboard Electric Heat
Everyone’s comfortable with individual room thermostats! Electric baseboard heaters are individual room heaters. They are available in varying lengths and are fastened to the wall near the floor. Each room has its own thermostat that can be wall mounted or unit mounted. The units operate on 240-volt current and are hardwired (not plugged into an outlet). Baseboard heaters qualify for the special off-peak heating rate if used in conjunction with a back-up heating system.

Electric Forced Air Heating
An electric forced air furnace uses a blower unit, called an air handler. It blows air over a series of electrically heated coils. The heated air is then distributed throughout the home through a ducting system. Electric forced air systems can be coupled with air-to-air heat pumps or central air conditioners to provide year-around comfort. Electric forced air systems qualify for our special off-peak heating rate when used in conjunction with a back-up heat source.

Plenum Heater
An easy conversion to clean, convenient electric heat!  A plenum heater is an electric heating unit that is inserted into the plenum chamber of an existing gas, oil, or wood forced –air heating system. It fits in the space where a central air conditioning unit would normally be installed. A plenum heater converts the existing furnace into a Dual Fuel Heating system.

Electric Boiler
An electric boiler uses electric heating elements to deliver hot water for in-floor radiant and hot water baseboard heat. They are available as 9 kW mini-boiler units, as well as larger capacity boilers, up to 27 kW.

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