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Idle Service

Definition of Idle Service

Any location that has discontinued service for 24 consecutive months would be considered an Idle Service. 

The electric billing files are reviewed and notices are sent giving the member the option of having the service removed or pay the monthly amount to retain the facilities. This charge is a facility charge to be billed to the member each month.  The charge is subject to change as new rate changes are implemented. If the member, after due notice, does not respond to the notice or fails to pay the required charge, the Cooperative may remove the facilities from the premises.

  • If the member plans to restore the service to a location in the future, it may be in their best interest to retain the current facilities by paying the monthly fee.
  • If the property owner determines that the service will not be used again and it is consistent with sound economic and management practices, the service shall be retired at the cooperative's discretion. It is further understood that all services that are retired under this policy will only be built back at the request of the property owner and payment in full for such installation has been made to the Cooperative.


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