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Upgrading Service

Sometimes older houses or businesses need to upgrade or enlarge their electric capacity, contact Oakdale Electric Cooperative’s Engineering Department at 800-241-2468 ext 8829 to discuss your proposed changes or submit information to us by filling out our form under Contact Us on the top of the page.

  • It may be determined that Oakdale Electric Cooperative’s equipment is compatible for your changes but we may still need to coordinate an appointment to assist your electrician.  A signed affidavit or Uniform Dwelling Code Inspection (UDC) certificate may be required.
  • Or a representative will determine if a site visit is necessary.  If this is necessary we will set up an appointment with the member to meet a Field Engineer.  He will determine your options, advise you of any applicable fees, and provide you with the necessary forms and requirements.

Forms and Requirements that may apply:

  1. Return all completed forms to OEC.
  2. Construction fees must be paid before OEC will schedule electric service construction.
  3. Inform OEC when the bypass meter socket is installed per specifications and it is ready to connect.  State law requires that prior to connection OEC obtain either a UDC electrical inspection certificate or wiring affidavit based on your municipality’s requirement.
  4. The electric service will be installed if the grade and landscaping of your property is within 6 inches of final grade.
  5. Locate the septic system, underground cables and any other private underground facilities owned by you on your property.  Exposing any private facilities in the flagged path is recommended. 
  6. The party responsible for digging will need to contact Digger’s Hotline, whether it is OEC, the member or the contractor.
  7. If the member, contractor or electrician requests a call back with the construction date inform the engineer.
  8. The actual completion time varies depending on such factors as current work load, complexity of the service installation, and weather conditions.


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