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Water Heater Program

Flameless electric water heaters are efficient, clean and safe.

Oakdale Electric Cooperative has rebates to assist you in the purchase of an electric water heater, if you agree to allow a load control switch to be installed on it.


50 Gallon

80 Gallon




You may purchase a water heater from any source (hardware store, home center, plumber, etc.) and claim a rebate from Oakdale Electric if you allow a load control switch to be installed on it. You will be sent a check after you submit the receipt for the water heater and complete a Water Heater Rebate Form (use link at bottom of page). The water heater receipt must show sales location, date, water heater model, gallons and amount paid.

It shall be the policy of the Oakdale Electric Cooperative to offer the installation of a load management control device on any electric water heater of 50 gallon or larger capacity.  The installation of this control contributes to a savings on wholesale cost of power to the cooperative during peak electrical demands.  Members may qualify for one water heater credit per service location per month.

Oakdale Electric Cooperative will rebate $150 on an electric water heater at least 50 gallons but less than 80 gallons and $300 on an electric water heater 80 gallons and larger to all qualifying members. Members must allow for installation of a cooperative load control device on the water heater and submit the purchase receipt before the rebate will be processed. Limit of one rebate per service location per 5 year period.  


Qualifications for members to receive a rebate on their electric water heater are the following:  

  • building a new home on our lines
  • construction of a milk house/milking parlor
  • mobile homes and factory built homes that are constructed with space available to accept at least a 50 gallon water heater
  • replacement of an oil or gas water heater in members residence, milk house/milking parlor or any other approved building
  • replacement of an existing water heater that leaks, can’t be repaired or upgraded to a larger size that would allow for control purposes

Electric Water Heater Load Management Program

A 50 gallon or larger electric water heater can be put on the off-peak water heater load management program. The electricity to the water heater is shut off via a radio signal like the other programs. The water heater can be shut down for a maximum of 4 or 6 hours (depending on the size of the heater) in a consecutive 10 hour period. A $3.00 monthly credit applies to each electric account with a water heater.  The credit applies with energy usage of 200 kWh’s per month.

Application - Water Heater Program Rebate Form

For more information contact Lori at or 608-372-4131, ext. 8852.



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