Oakdale Electric Cooperative is committed to assisting members who want to participate in renewable energy programs.

We offer three programs, Member Distributed Generation, Community Solar, and Evergreen, that allow our members to take advantage of different renewable energy programs. Read to learn more about each program.

Energy Resources

Member Distributed Generation

It is necessary to contact Oakdale Electric Cooperative first before you start your project to ensure your plans comply and your project goes smoothly.

Todd O'Neil, Director of Energy Services


Step 1:  Complete and submit Oakdale Electric Cooperative's Distributed Generation Application and Interconnection Agreement, along with a current certificate of insurance for the property and relevant site plans and specifications for the proposed project and equipment. The member will be invoiced for a $200 application fee, which can be paid remotely via SmartHub, or directly to our offices by mail or visit. Oakdale Electric Cooperative will review your plans from your application and notify you of any necessary changes or engineering studies, or will approve the project to proceed as planned.

Step 2:  Notify Oakdale Electric Cooperative when the system is ready for testing, and send a wiring affidavit signed by the member and a Wisconsin-licensed Master Electrician certifying that the project was done to code so we can schedule a date and time for testing and meter programming.

Step 3:  An Oakdale Electric Cooperative equipment technician performs a test of the anti-islanding safety feature of the inverter, programs the meter for bidirectional real-time metering for DG applications, and documents system specifications and measurement for our records and reporting requirements.

Step 4: Oakdale Electric Cooperative personnel will record our documentation of the project specifications and process the remaining steps of the service order so that the member’s account is structured for Distributed Generation. Once all steps are completed, a signed Interconnection Agreement will be sent to the member. After receiving an Interconnection Agreement signed by Oakdale personnel, the project would be approved to begin continuous generation and to receive rate 110 credit for unused DG energy sent back through the meter onto OEC lines.




Evergreen is an opportunity for electric cooperative members to voluntarily contribute to the increased use of renewable energy sources. Private ownership of renewable energy does not work for everyone. A member’s property may not support it or the upfront costs and maintenance may be too great. Evergreen is an easy way for Oakdale Electric Cooperative members to do their part and be green.

Evergreen renewable energy comes from wind, sun, hydro and biogas sources. Your participation in Evergreen supports our efforts to increase renewable generation above and beyond any state requirements.

In addition to your normal electric bill, you elect to pay $1 each month per Evergreen block.

In addition to your regular electric bill, you'll pay $1 more for a renewable energy block of 100 kilowatt hours each month (1 cent per kWh). One block of 100 kWh represents about 10% of the average residential monthly electric use (1,000 kWh).

Buy more blocks and do even more to support renewable energy:
Members can choose to have 100 percent of your electricity generated with renewable energy. The average home uses about 1,000 kWh per month, which equals $10 per month to be a green home.

Buy as many Evergreen energy blocks as you like for $1 per month per block.

It's clean! By participating in Evergreen you are investing in the future of the environment. As our dependence on renewable energy sources increases we become less dependent on more conventional power plants that burn fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas.

It's easy! Evergreen doesn’t require any upfront costs for equipment or future maintenance. It provides an option for your home, farm or business to be green without solar panels or wind turbines physically on the property.

Enroll in Evergreen by contacting Todd O'Neil 

Community Solar

SunnyOak is Oakdale Electric Cooperative's 200kW community solar garden. The solar garden is located south of the Whistling Wings substation on State Road 80 in Necedah, Wisconsin. SunnyOak went into operation in June of 2017 and is built on the same site as the Dairyland Power Cooperative 1.5 Megawatt solar array.

Engie (bought out SoCore) owns and operates the solar garden. Oakdale Electric Cooperative and its wholesale power provider, Dairyland Power Cooperative, purchase the energy output.

This renewable energy project provides clean solar power to help meet the energy demands of Wisconsin and our local co-op membership.