Oakdale Electric Cooperative (OEC) is a distribution co-op, meaning we purchase our power from Dairyland Power Cooperative based in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Learn more about DPC's comprehensive sustainable energy plan and current resources. 
Energy Resources
To work toward a lower carbon footprint and offset high demand costs, OEC has implemented three solar gardens. The SunnyOak Community Solar Garden began operating in 2017 and provides members a viable and affordable option to purchase renewable solar energy on a voluntary basis. Currently under construction, two large utility-scale solar array projects will be located near Mauston (Lemonweir Solar) and New Lisbon (Webster Creek Solar). All three solar gardens combined will be able to power approximately 856 homes annually.

Member Energy Programs:    
Community Solar    Evergreen    Member Distributed Generation

energy resources


SunnyOak Solar

Necedah Township

Built in: 2017

792 Panels

Size: 200 kilowatts (kW)

Members can purchase subscriptions to this garden to help offset their own electricity usage. Learn more.

Lemonweir Solar

Mauston Township

Under Construction - EDC: Fall 2023

6,708 Panels

Size: 3.0 megawatts (MW)

Lemonweir Solar site will become the largest utility-scale solar project in OEC service area. 

Webster Creek Solar

New Lisbon Township

Under Construction - EDC: Fall 2023

3,302 Panels

Size: 1.5 megawatts (MW)

Webster Creek Solar project will be our second largest utility-scale project in OEC service area.