If you are interested in solar and member distributed generation, please contact us first by completing the form below or contacting our office during regular business hours, Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM - 4 PM. 

Member Distributed Generation Information

It is necessary to contact Oakdale Electric Cooperative first before you start your project to ensure your plans comply and your project goes smoothly. 

Todd O'Neil, Energy Services Director



Step 1:  Complete and submit Oakdale Electric Cooperative's Distributed Generation Application and Interconnection Agreement, along with a current certificate of insurance for the property and relevant site plans and specifications for the proposed project and equipment. The member will be invoiced for a $200 application fee, which can be paid remotely via SmartHub, or directly to our offices by mail or visit. Oakdale Electric Cooperative will review your plans from your application and notify you of any necessary changes or engineering studies, or will approve the project to proceed as planned.

Step 2:  Notify Oakdale Electric Cooperative when the system is ready for testing, and send a wiring affidavit signed by the member and a Wisconsin-licensed Master Electrician certifying that the project was done to code so we can schedule a date and time for testing and meter programming.

Step 3:  An Oakdale Electric Cooperative equipment technician performs a test of the anti-islanding safety feature of the inverter, programs the meter for bidirectional real-time metering for DG applications, and documents system specifications and measurement for our records and reporting requirements.

Step 4: Oakdale Electric Cooperative personnel will record our documentation of the project specifications and process the remaining steps of the service order so that the member’s account is structured for Distributed Generation. Once all steps are completed, a signed Interconnection Agreement will be sent to the member. After receiving an Interconnection Agreement signed by Oakdale personnel, the project would be approved to begin continuous generation and to receive rate 110 credit for unused DG energy sent back through the meter onto OEC lines.

Oakdale Electric Cooperative Distributed Generation Requirements

  • Oakdale Electric Cooperative Distributed Generation Application and Interconnection Agreement, for systems up to 20kW in size.
  • Proof of liability insurance.
  • Anti-Islanding inverter.
  • Labelled load break disconnect near meter.
  • Wiring Affidavit completed by member and a Wisconsin-licensed master electrician.
  • Inspection of system, programming of meter, and successful testing of anti-islanding by Oakdale prior to energizing system.
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