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Thousand dollars awarded since 2002


Dollars is the average annual contribution

Operation Round Up® is just what its name implies. Operation Round Up® funds are generated through a voluntary rounding up of cooperative members’ electric bills to the nearest dollar. This change is used to assist worthy causes right here in our service area.

For those who participate in the Operation Round Up® program, the rounding up results in an average donation of approximately $6 per year.

Thanks to the generosity of our cooperative members, over $150,000 has been given back to our local communities since the program’s inception in 2002.

As of 2023, all existing and new members were enrolled into Operation Round Up®, however it is a voluntary program. If you do not wish to participate, you can opt out at anytime by contacting us.

Oakdale Electric Cooperative rounds up the electric bills to the next highest dollar of participating members each month. The extra change is used to fund the program. For example, if the bill is $6.54, it is rounded up to $7.00 and the extra 46 cents is contributed.  

Contributions could be as little as a penny, but never more than 99 cents. The average annual donation is $6 and is tax deductible.

Members are automatically enrolled in Operation Round Up. However, it is a voluntary program and members can opt out at anytime by contacting us. 

The Operation Round Up Trust Board of Directors is comprised of seven Oakdale Electric Cooperative members. They meet at least four times a year to review applications.

According to its bylaws, the Trust board may make donations to any worthwhile community cause, except for political purposes or to pay electric bills. The current mission statement of the Operation Round Up Trust allows for donations to be made for food, clothing, shelter, equipment, medical, and educational needs.

Donations may be made to any individual in need or any organization within the five counties served (Jackson, Juneau, Monroe, Sauk, Wood) by Oakdale Electric Cooperative.

Applications are designated for either an individual or an organization in need. The correct form must be completed and mailed to:

Oakdale Electric Cooperative
Operation Round Up
PO Box 40
Oakdale, WI 54649

Applications are reviewed at the meeting of the Operation Roud Up Trust Board of Directors and at those meetings they also decide on the disbursement of funds.

Application forms: