Tuesday | December 20, 2022

OAKDALE, WI – Oakdale Electric Cooperative continues to monitor the winter storm that is forecasted to impact our service area beginning late Wednesday, December 21. Following last weeks snow event, the upcoming storm is projected to produce heavy snowfall, dangerous wind chills, blowing/drifting snow, and possible blizzard conditions.

Oakdale Electric Cooperative will continue to monitor the forecast. Members are encouraged to report any power outages through our phone lines at 1-800-927-6151 or through SmartHub. Calling or reporting in SmartHub, is the only way to ensure your outage information is received and recorded.

“Oakdale Electric Cooperative is now in emergency planning mode for another significant weather event,” General Manager & CEO Chris Tackmann said. “Following the winter storm event on December 15, it is crucial that members prepare for round two.”

The co-op’s personnel will be on hand, and additional line and right-of-way crews are on standby. In addition, Oakdale Electric Cooperative always maintains a stock of poles, transformers and other equipment, and personnel are coordinating with suppliers should we need additional materials. 

In the event of a power outage, Oakdale Electric Cooperative crews will respond as soon as outdoor conditions are safe. We encourage everyone to stay off the roads until the storm has fully passed to allow emergency responders and line crews to safely do their jobs.

To safely operate a generator, be sure a certified electrician has installed the proper transfer switch and notify Oakdale Electric Cooperative at 1-800-241-2468 if the member plans to use during power outage events. If not installed properly, members and Oakdale Electric Cooperative employees are at great risk to serious injury. Remember to never approach downed powerlines in trees or on the ground. Always assume powerlines are energized and dangerous.

Oakdale Electric Cooperative encourages all members to stock up on supplies now, before the winter weather impacts our area. Be prepared for extended power outages and keep the following supplies on hand:

  • Water (one gallon per person per day, for several days)

  • Food (three-day supply of non-perishables)

  • Flashlights

  • First Aid Kit/prescriptions

  • Extra batteries/wireless phone chargers

  • Manual can opener

  • Extra blankets

  • Moist towelettes

  • Extra pet food

  • Allow cold water drip slowly from faucets

  • Avoid travel if possible

  • Preserve cold/frozen foods by moving them to an unheated or uninsulated porch or garage

  • If you’re not safe in your home, please seek shelter elsewhere

For updates on power outages and restoration efforts during this winter storm, visit our website at www.oakdalerec.com or follow us on Facebook.