Tuesday | November 1, 2022

Mauston resident Kathy Green has been a dedicated volunteer at Mauston Community Sharing Pantry for over 25 years and counting. Kathy manages a wide range of volunteers, has the eye for managing shelf quantity, and can navigate difficult times such as the pandemic. A selfless advocate for the food pantry and her community, Kathy Green is well-deserving of the latest Selfless Service Award.

As a driving force within Mauston Community Sharing Pantry, Kathy knew the pantry needed a larger space than 600 square feet, so she secured grants and other financial security to move into the larger building they are in today. Having worked alongside Kathy for over 20 years, president of the pantry Ellen Heitman stated, “No one works harder than her, she is very dedicated.” Kathy accepts additional responsibilities such as handling the senior food box program, and she stepped up when a local holiday toy program needed safe space to operate during the pandemic.

The pantry is made up of all volunteers and manages multiple donations such as fresh produce, local business donations, frozen goods, individual donations and an emergency supply for the homeless or families in need. Geraldine Jessmon, who worked with Kathy for over 10 years, nominated Kathy for the Selfless Service Award and goes onto say, “Despite having loss in her personal life, Kathy shows up to the food pantry without complaint to serve the citizens of Mauston.”

A selfless volunteer and leader behind the operations of Mauston Community Sharing Pantry, Kathy Green is praised by her fellow volunteers and family. Ellen Heitman concludes with, “Kathy is the worthiest of this award; that’s why we all call her Saint Kathy.”